Best value for money Excellent 4.7 out of 5
  • Best website designs
  • Most cost-effective plans
  • Beginner-friendly builder
Free trial available Paid Plans: $16 - $49 / month See Pros & Cons


  • Excellent built-in features and UX
  • Enhanced third-party integrations
  • Ideal for creative portfolios


  • Customization is more limited
  • No 24/7 live chat available
  • No autosave when editing
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About Squarespace

Our vision is a future where everyone can be an entrepreneur. We believe design is the ultimate competitive advantage. We build products that help entrepreneurs stand out and succeed.

Website Builder Buying Tips

  • Ease of Use

    Website builder is must easy to use for beginners users. It must be drag-and-drop builder and easy to customizable by real time user interface,and more feature and powerful editing tools, and other custom design options.

  • Pricing

    Website Builder Often Start with Free Plan ,Paid Plan is secondary choices when users is Satisfy and want to grow up with more feature . Other feature offer such as custom domain, eCommerce features, etc. then how much would a small business owner has to spend on additional extras / hidden costs. are you acceptable?.

  • Design & Features

    Website builder may offers basic template in start free plan and offer more of professional website templates along with flexibility to add additional features.check that cost how much you just pay Is it worth?

  • Customer Support

    Website Builder usually uses all the automatic systems to manage website builder They use very few human workers for control. Because the structure of website buider is like that. Try to ask them if your website has a problem Or an error occurred. They Can he solve that problem immediately?.

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