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Best overall website builder Outstanding 4.8 out of 5
  • Best internal features
  • 800+ template designs
  • Powerful SEO tools
Free plan available Paid Plans: $16 - $59 / month See Pros & Cons


  • Free plan (ideal for smaller projects)
  • One of the easiest builders to use
  • In-house marketing & ecommerce features


  • Can’t switch template once site is live
  • Range of options can feel overwhelming
  • Pay more for the best features
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About Wix

We provide a world-class platform to over 200 million users worldwide, empowering anyone to express themselves and build their online presence. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, designer, developer, musician, photographer or restaurant owner, you’ll find specialized features to create a professional website and manage your business.

User Reviews

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Using Wix was an absolute breeze

Using Wix was an absolute breeze! The platform is intuitive and easy to navigate, and the selection of templates allowed me to build a professional-looking website in no time. The variety of tools and features gave me the flexibility to make my website truly unique and stand out from the competition. I highly recommend Wix to anyone looking for a user-friendly and versatile website building experience."


We started using wix about 13 years…

We started using wix about 13 years ago. We have several businesses and were paying out a lot of money on website development and wasting half of that. Wix held our hand and helped us over the years. Now we build, design, and control everything in-house. This saved us thousands of dollars over the years plus we are on top of our businesses a lot better. Take control of your business by allowing wix to help you. - Tom - Disingerm.com


I have been a user of the Wix platform…

I have been a user of the Wix platform for over 10 years, the site is so managable aand fukll of excellent features. The customer support is amazing, even calling be back from the USA within 30 minutes when I called them, and I live in Brisbane Australia. Fantastic service and product.


The service is incredible

The service is incredible! You will be able to build your stunning website with the help of 24/7 support. The customer care experts are actually the best i have ever come in contact with. Shoutout to Oksana, she's a legend.


Expert support

Was having an issue with product uploads and Jessica stayed with me throughout and fixed the (user error) issue. Sometimes working on your own website and business can be kinda lonely so it's good to know that there are friendly and helpful experts when you get stuck!


Wix will not let you down even if there…

Wix will not let you down even if there is something wrong somewhere you can trust that Support will have your back and Justice will be served for sure. I know that because i have been using WIX maybe for about 10 years now and every-time support helps to sort any issues you face. Sure WIX is the best with its features and has the best Support team


I love working with Wix!

I'm honestly very impressed by the level of polish and accessibility of the Wix editor! Never thought building a really beautiful website could be that much fun and be that easy.
The turoials they provide are very precise and helpful and the customer service is awesome!
10/10 - amazing website builder! ????


What I find outstanding about Wix is…

What I find outstanding about Wix is their customer service and user-friendly applications are beyond some traditional platforms which leave me unsure and in disbelief. I actually feel like I have accomplished something, the task at hand when using Wix. They will guide you through the process every step of the way. YOU WILL NOT BE LEFT HANGING! And that is so priceless, especially when working online.


WIX is a great platform to build and host your website

WIX is a great platform to build your own company website from scratch. They have many design templates to chose from and the editor is very easy to use, so all you have to do is come up with the copy writing. WIX also has many SEO tools to keep your website relevant and help drive traffic. Their customer service is available via live chat, help desk and e-mail. They are really helpful and knowledgable people.


Awesome & Vast Features

Wix definitely has a vast range of features and products any business can use, even though they have plugins, their own internal plugins already gives you almost everything you want. Their customer support is also top-notch.


The customer service that I expierenced was AWESOME!!

The customer service that I expierenced by Janen was superb. Wix should make it easier to get to people on the chat because their service reps are awesome. I initially spoke with Aminah, but because I had very detailed questions about Wix Booking she tranferred me to Janen who was super helpful. Both service reps get a perfect 10 for service.


Wix customer service is very good

Wix customer service is very good. Aaron was helpful and friendly, recognising that someone in their mid-60s (me!) won't always be the quickest to understand.

His help wouldn't have needed, though, if the templates and gridlines hadn't been so problematic and confining. So 10/10 for customer service but 7/10 for the template limitations.


While i like to troubleshoot my own…

While i like to troubleshoot my own problems, I had to give in and reach out to support. The problem was fixed within 10min! Probably should have reached out sooner, but hey it's working now! Thank you wix for your help!


Customer support done right

I've had an issue that needed to be resolved via direct contact with a customer support representative, the issue was dealt with professionally and I got my piece of mind after talking to the customer support.


Superb Customer Service!! Thank you!

Just had my first Live Chat with Wix Customer service re my new website and AnnaVy was absolutely brilliant!! So helpful and knowledgable and really got me going again with my website build. Thank you so much. 10/10 for Customer Service! Actually, make that 11/10. Amazing! :-)


The patience that support I got from…

The patience that support I got from Jai was outstanding. He made every instruction so clear that it seemed so easy to do. What Jai told me I had no idea and I really appreciate this kind of support. I loved it when Jai asked me did we miss anything. That let me know that if I needed anything just say because Jai was not in a hurry to leave. Outstanding timely professionalism.


Had a chat with Regina from wix and had…

Had a chat with Regina from wix and had previously had one with another wix agent before. I was trying to get support on a few things on the website.
Their Support is amazing: Quick, straight to the point and willing to go out of their way to make sure you get the most value from their service.
i also liked their platform where i can easily send a screenshot for help. 6 stars


Wix helped me start my business

Wix has been great help in me create my business. It has helped me not only to start it but also take it to the next level with all the great features it offers!! I would definitely recommend wix to anyone wanting to start a business! They handle everything from a professional website and email campaigns to customer management and payments! What can't they do!?


Wix is easy to work with yet their service is exceptional

I love Wix because it's very easy to manage and thus makes it easier for my teams to manage our public image professionally. Wix's customer service team is also awesome and it is so clear and easy to find ways to contact them when a problem or question occurs and get clear answer quickly from awesome customer service staff.-While it's something we have found challenging to do with many other major companies. So I definitely recommend Wix for organisations or personal usage. Thank you for the great service.


Had an issue regarding favicon update…

Had an issue regarding favicon update in google, it was quickly solved by the support team & also they helped to make the website better.
Such a wonderful experience working with wix.


Website Builder Buying Tips

  • Ease of Use

    Website builder is must easy to use for beginners users. It must be drag-and-drop builder and easy to customizable by real time user interface,and more feature and powerful editing tools, and other custom design options.

  • Pricing

    Website Builder Often Start with Free Plan ,Paid Plan is secondary choices when users is Satisfy and want to grow up with more feature . Other feature offer such as custom domain, eCommerce features, etc. then how much would a small business owner has to spend on additional extras / hidden costs. are you acceptable?.

  • Design & Features

    Website builder may offers basic template in start free plan and offer more of professional website templates along with flexibility to add additional features.check that cost how much you just pay Is it worth?

  • Customer Support

    Website Builder usually uses all the automatic systems to manage website builder They use very few human workers for control. Because the structure of website buider is like that. Try to ask them if your website has a problem Or an error occurred. They Can he solve that problem immediately?.

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