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Our hosting plan gives you everything you need to get online at an unbeatable value. Fast, reliable hosting with a 30-day money-back guarantee Website builders to fit your skill and comfort level Customizable, mobile-friendly layouts Tools and resources to help you every step of the way

Benefits / Special Offer

Unlimited disk space

All the storage you need to build and grow your website.

Scalable bandwidth

We enforce no hard limits on data transfer for your website.

Unlimited domain names

Host as many different domains as you’d like under one account.

Unlimited MySQL databases

Create as many databases as you need for all of your hosted websites.

Free SSL certificate

Ensure properly-encrypted data to conduct eCommerce and more.

Free domain for 1 year*

A one-year domain registration is included with each new account.

iPage Website Builder

You’ll love our user-friendly tool for building great, mobile-optimized websites.

WordPress 1-click installer

Enjoy building on one of the most popular platforms in use today.

Customizable layouts

Freedom to design a website that is uniquely yours, with no code required.

Easy-to-use setup wizards

Our helpful wizards will walk you through many functions.

Content management systems

You have a variety of the most popular CMS platforms available.

Online store

Start selling your goods or services online with ease.

PayPal integration

Easily integrate your existing PayPal account to accept payments.

Easy 1-click installer

Quickly install many popular scripts to create various types of websites.

Shopping carts

A variety of shopping carts can be used for your online store.

Email marketing integration

Easy integration with industry leading email marketing platform.

Customizable email address

Create as many @yourdomain email addresses as you need.

Check email online with WebMail

Log in and manage your email from our user-friendly email interface.

Email forwarding

Create unlimited email forwarders to manage you email effectively.


Unlimited autoresponders can be used to streamline your business.

Virus checking

Industry-standard virus scanning to keep your inbox safe.

POP3/IMAP email accounts

Manage your email accounts with third party apps, like Outlook.

Enhanced security suite

Our network and hardware security are industry-standard.

Foundation control panel

All of your account management tools are centrally located.

24/7 network monitoring

Our team of Admins monitor our network around-the-clock.

Site traffic reporting

Access detailed reports about the visitors to your websites.

Performance servers

Your site will be housed on state of the art, high-performance servers.

UPS power backup & generators

Our redundant power systems make sure your sites stay available online.

Hosting Buying Tips

  • Hosting Type

    Choose Hosting Type for match your work or business. Free Hosting work well for begining or small purpose, Share Hosting for normal perpose not load to much server,VPS for muliple resource access, Dedicate Hosting for hign traffic and large business.

  • Hosting Location

    Buy Hosting Service Provider on your website service location or nearby. For the speed of calling your website If possible, choose hosting provider that has multiple server providing in many areas.

  • Security

    Service provider There are a variety of security systems for service. Inevitably is an interesting part To make your website a secure from Hacker and mulware attacts

  • Customer Support

    The customer service system in Hosting.Service Provider is very important. Because when the problem occurs They ensuring that the problem is quickly resolved see they customer reviews

  • Control Panel

    Hosting Control Panel is a tool to manage your website effectively. If they have a variety of tools for you.And useful Inevitably makes your website management effective.

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