How to Host a Website for Free

Hosting and publishing a website on the internet used to be quite a task back in the day.

There were complex configurations, confusing control panels and shady-looking free website hosting sites (unless you didn’t mind shelling out stacks of dollars every month on a paid and managed web hosting service).

There were complicate configurations, confusing setting control panels and limit feature on website hosting sites
(unless you didn’t mind pay out stacks of dollars every month on a paid web hosting service).

By this article, we offer by the way you’ll have your first website live on the internet easily. that you can share with anyone who has an internet connection. Following steps:

Where can you host a simple website for free?

We Recommend this :

  1. Google Site
  2. WordPress site
  3. Wix

Website Builder

Google Sites  is a  most quiet pupular website builder tool that makes creating a website easy. Website-building platform from Google They have drag drop site builder user so easy to learning by basic user. In builder tool can embedded other presentation object like a photo,video,google maps slide show …etc and other object easily

Google Sites is an app that’s a part of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), which is a group of Google’s business productivity apps, including Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and more. 

Here’s what feature in Google Sites:

  • Customize your site easily with drag drop builder.
  • Create different page types: multiple webpage
  • Customize theme and design (color, font, styles)
  • Auto Responsive design.Preview in mobile tablet and desktop ).
  • Can link to other google app service such as google docs google form google charts canlendar youtube and more
  • On designer page is load faster than every website builder and Good stability, not freeze.
  • Share your site with custom url example[yourpagename]
  • User can custom domain or use a domain you already purchased from a domain registrar. Make it easier for people to visit your site with custom domain like

Googlesite website builder is easily faster and good match for quick start website in basic purpose for publish on internet

This video is show how to create google site and publish in 5 minute:

Host and Create Website with google site for Free

Why Use Google Sites?

Google Sites offers for basic purpose for create website in web page presentation form for publish simple content such as personal profile or company profile,reports ,Portfolio, sample company products or company video or some thing like that. they don’t have high feature additional module such as ecommerce module ,products catalog, blog if you want that feature should be find other provider.
But if you want to offer in a purpose as mentioned above google site it’s best ideal yes it free.

WordPress site builder

wordpress is a most one popular website builder they provide a free CMS source code for since 2003 they also provide a hosting for wordpress website builder is fee for basic plan.

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